Don’t Need a Business Analyst? The Reality Check

As a business leader, who has used business analysis services, you will agree to the fact that it does add a significant value to your products/services lifecycle. However, there could have been times where you may have received a piece of advice — “we don’t need a business analysis”. Business leaders often get to hear these statements from their stakeholders who think implementing an intuitive solution for a business is the best way to surge ahead in the competitive marketplace. But…this can spell doom!

Implementing a tactical solution without really understanding the business need, consumer preferences, or foreseeing the opportunity can prove costly for the company in the long run. Resistance against analyst companies does occur in all sorts of places, but what this community of stakeholders doesn’t understand is that business analysis can bring about a structured change to an organization and it will benefit them every step of their way. Benefits overrule everything else, right!

What Can A Business Analyst Do?

Business Analysts are professionals who are present in almost all sectors such as private and public organizations, IT firms, NGOs, and even government departments. They help companies align their efforts with business goals and contribute to the overall growth of the organization. Here are a few reasons why you should hire an analyst:

1. For Seamless digital transformation

Digital transformation at the workplace is the need of the hour. Yet, most businesses in North America lag behind in integrating digital initiatives in the organization. This could make them vulnerable to competition. Making digital transformation should be the top priority of the organizations if they want to stay relevant and sustain in the marketplace. Analyst companies can make this process simpler for you. They will analyze your processes, operations, and suggest you some vital digital solutions, which you can integrate into your day-to-day processes to enhance efficiency.

2. Communicating complex processes to staff

Most of the time it so happens that a business leader digitizes the processes but the staff is unable to comprehend it. This can lead to a delay in the delivery of projects. Since business leaders are not proficient in communicating to the technical or non-technical staff as how to implement the technology, analysts here can play a vital role. They will serve as a point of contact for staff, solving the intricacies related to the processes until the staff gets the hang of it.

3. Help lower costs

An analyst reduces the project rework and optimizes the functionalities of the organization. They also help implement cost-effective solutions and determine correct business requirements so that adequate steps can be taken and implemented throughout the project.

Business analyst companies have a team of analysts that work with you to create strategies to facilitate solutions to issues. They also prepare staff for any upcoming changes. In short, a business analyst helps your organization achieve its goal cost-effectively and efficiently.

So, what do you think do you need a business analysis? It is for you to decide. If you are looking to optimize your business processes and create a business that delivers value, you should hire one! Once you hire an analyst, ensure the person is skilled. At The Analyst Agency, we work with you to help you determine the project’s business objectives and desired outcomes, plan your requirements efforts and take it to implementation, manage changes to requirements throughout the project lifecycle, and so on. If your business needs a piece of software or an application developing, it’s not only the designers that you will have to work with. In fact, a person that you cannot afford to do without is a business analyst. Get in touch with TheAnalystAgency to know more on how we can help you with your business requirements.

At TheAnalystAgency , we provide comprehensive business analysis support services and provide a much clearer overview of the specific challenges your company faces so that you could enhance your operations or improve your processes of technologies!